Esquir China - E-Ink cover (October 2010)

Audi has teamed up with the Chinese version of the syle publication Esquire Magazine (时尚先生- Shíshàng xiānshēng) to create a front cover with an LED display.

The front cover has been created with E-Ink (Electronic Ink) and the lights can remain flashing for up to 6 months. It’s a great fit with the Audi brand as the signature design piece of most of its vehicles are the LED-esque headlights.

Chinese netizens are very excited about this piece of creativity and Esquire’s Chinese website calls it “a world first”. However, Western readers will have seen this two years ago when Esquire used a similar display on their 75th Anniversary edition in the US version of the magazine, as shown in the video below.

Regardless of this, the impressive front cover is a really nice collaboration between the two brands and hopefully China will see more of this type of creativity in the near future.