Ads of the World
A great website tracking the latest marketing campaigns from across the globe.

AdvertisingAge China
Advertising news relating to China. Unfortunately articles tend not be written very frequently.

Being Human
Leo Burnett’s blog dedicated to posting views / opinions on China’s growing advertising industry.

Campaign Brief Asia
Online magazine about marketing news from across Asia.

Provides rather beautiful infographics using data based on China.

China Internet Watch
All the latest going ons from behind the Great ‘Fire’wall of China.

Intellectual discussions about modern China

With interesting stories often commented on by readers from both China and USA makes this a compelling site that I would recommend reading.

A personal favourite of mine that presents reactions, of Chinese citizens, to recent news stories from around the world.

China Youthology
Run by an enthusiastic team, do visit this site to keep up-to-date with what China’s youngsters are excited about.

Danwei provides translations of Chinese media and often has interesting articles to read.

Written by an American PR man living in Beijing makes the views of the author most fascinating.

Little Red Book
A fantastic site that provides Chinese media and marketing news. The LRB forums are worth reading too.

Pete Heskett’s Posterous
Eye-opening views and opinions from JWT’s Regional Planning Director (SE Asia).

A new blog that reports on the business news from China and India.

The China Beat
Here you will find interesting debates on contemporary China from Chinese scholars and journalists.

X-RAY China
Design and branding blog written by a fellow Brit living in Beijing.

…more coming soon. Watch this space.