Here is the recent TV ad promoting the new BMW X1 which launched in China last month:

The advertisement features the song ‘Lucky’ by Jason Mraz and is part of the 宝马之悦(Bǎomǎ zhī yuè) or in English the ‘Joy of BMW‘ campaign, which launched in April 2010 with these print ads:

Joy of BMW (China) - Poster 1

Joy of BMW (China) - Poster 2

The BMW X1 itself is actually rather special, as it is manufactured in China at BMW’s Shenyang Plant which produces vehicles solely for the Chinese market. The price of the car ranges from 358,000 RMB  to 522,500 RMB (£33,000 – £48,500) so certainly not cheap. What is more BMW are hoping to target the young so I would expect to see a few of these cruising around Shanghai’s city centre very soon.

Before I finish I’d like to mention that when the X1 launched at the 2010 Beijing Motorshow, BMW released new print ads (shown below) that pulled together themes of the car, man, heaven and nature. Quite beautiful wouldn’t you say?

Joy of BMW - Beijing Motorshow (Poster 1)

Joy of BMW - Beijing Motorshow (Poster 2)

Joy of BMW - Beijing Motorshow (Poster 3)