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The message of the above commercial is 天天喝养乐多 (or in pinyin ‘Tiāntiān hē yǎng lè duō’) which in English translates to ‘Drink Yakult Every Day‘.

For those of you who don’t know, Yakult is a probiotic drink and just to educate you ‘probiotic‘ refers to ‘live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host’. hmm.

Yakult is actually originally from Japan and the Japanese call it ヤクルト pronounced in English as ‘Yakuruto’. The Chinese on the other hand call the drink, ‘Yì duō‘ (益多).

Anyway back to the marketing campaign. As well as the TV advert, Yakult has been promoting its product across China in a variety of ways. Including subway advertising to print ads which are shown below:

Yakult China - Image 1

Yakult China - Image 2

Yakult China - Image 3

Yakult China - Image 4

The Yakult brand is further becoming an extremely popular amongst urban Chinese citizens. Before I finish I thought it would make an interesting comparison to see the Chinese commercial against the current UK / USA TV ads:



Despite their current differences it wasn’t too long ago when the British Yakult ads were along the lines of China’s current commercials.

Credit to: M&C Saatchi (Shanghai Branch)


We’ve all seen innovative outdoor and online ads but now i’d like to show you some exciting examples of magazine advertising that have recently featured across a number of Chinese publications.

Motorola ‘Backflip’ (后空翻) ME600 – Bookmark
The Backflip (后空翻) or in pinyin Hòu kōngfān is the nickname of the Motorola ME600 mobile phone – which is only available in China and has the differentiating feature is the screen’s ability to ‘backflip’ onto itself:
Motorola ME600 (The 'Backflip' phone)

Motorola promoted the phone by providing magazine readers a free bookmark in the style of the ME600. The freebie has a magnetic finish and highlights the backflip ability of the phone.

Motorola BACKFLIP ME600 (1)
Motorola BACKFLIP ME600 (2)
Motorola BACKFLIP ME600 - Bookmark (3)An explanatory presentation is available here, unfortunately it is in Chinese but has plenty of pictures so you may get the jist of it.

座驾Car (Car Car) Magazine: At First Glance Advertising
Chinese motoring magazine 座驾Car or in English ‘Car Car’ adopted what the Chinese call 第一眼 (Dì yīyǎn) which translates to ‘at first glance’ advertising:
Car Car Magazine - Image 1

Car Car Magazine - Image 2
The genius of ‘at first glance’ advertising is that the magazine publisher places packaging around the magazine in such a way that it forces the reader to open the up the magazine at the advert. Thus almost guaranteeing exposure to the reader. A very nice idea.

Samsung: Camera Picture Book
To promote their latest camera, Samsung decided to create a miniture picture book to be stuck on the front of magazines. It’s not the most innovative idea of the bunch but worth a look nonetheless:
Samsung Camera Picture Book promo - 1

Samsung Camera Picture Book promo - 2

Mengniu: Pull-tab front cover
I’m a big fan of the pull-tab as it takes me back to my childhood days, and the intention of Mengniu (蒙牛) was to demonstrate innocence. So hats off to brand. It features on the front cover of the youth magazine, ‘Yoho‘ which has the tagline ‘Being young is an attitude’ – it’s actually really cool magazine.
Mengniu Magazine Cover - 1

Mengniu Magazine Cover - 2

Mengniu Magazine Cover - 3

Sony Ericsson: W595 Walkman – Butterfly Gatefold advertising
Sony have delivered a unique type of tabbed advertising called the ‘Butterfly Gatefold’, it looks great:
Sony Ericsson (Butterfly Gatefold) - 1

Sony Ericsson (Butterfly Gatefold) - 2

Sony Ericsson: W20 Walkman – Hidden discovery magazine cover
Hiding a treat for readers inside the magazine cover itself is something I have never seen before. A lovely idea that surely delighted the magazines readers!
Sony Ericsson (Hidden Discovery) - 1

Sony Ericsson (Hidden Discovery) - 2

Sony Ericsson (Hidden Discovery) - 3

Levi’s: Flip-out magazine cover
Exactly what it says on the tin. The magazine this ad features is 1626 another very trendy Chinese magazine.
Levi's: Flip out magazine cover - 1

Levi's: Flip out magazine cover - 2

Levi's: Flip out magazine cover - 3

A wonderful selection of creative ideas i’m sure you will agree. Long live the magazine!

This is the latest spoof advertisement from the notorious ‘Hugo‘ (胡戈):

It’s a rather amusing take of 7-Up’s Chinese current promotion where Hugo demonstrates the downside of findng a winning 7-Up bottlecap. The video is already very popular in China.

Within 24 hours of being uploaded to Hugo’s official Youku page it had already been viewed over 150,000 times and has even been awarded honours for its immediate popularity.

Who is Hugo?
Hugo is known as 网络恶搞第一人 (Wǎngluò ègǎo dì yīrén) aka the first man to spoof the network.

HugoHe is from Wuhan (Hubei Province) and has previously produced a number of other spoof videos that can be viewed on Hugo’s Sina page. If you like his videos Hugo would like to let you know that he is available for work.

I will be following his latest spoof over the next few weeks to see how it progresses.

I’d like to introduce you all to Forever Bicycles (永久 – Yǒng jiǔ).

Forever C Bikes

For those of you who have no idea who this organisation is I’ll give you a quick introduction. Forever Bicycles stretch back all the way to 1940 when the company was orignially founded as Shanghai Forever Co. Ltd.

50 years down the line the organisation was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and following the turn of the millenia the company turned it’s focus to creating eco-friendly products.

Forever Bicycles produces four million bikes per year and is the top domestic producer of bikes  in China. This week the organisation announced that a new range of bikes will launch shortly under the brand Forever C (永久C).

Forever C logo
One can draw comparisons of this new brand / range to Adidas’sAdidas Orginals brand. It essentially takes old styled bikes and gives them a modern makeover. They are as the cool kids say – retro.

So why the name Forever C?
Well the ‘C’ has six meanings:

  • China — 中国 (Zhōng guó)
  • Classic — 经典 (Jīng diǎn)
  • City — 都市 (Dū shì)
  • Colourful — 多彩 (Duō cǎi)
  • Cycle — 自行车 (Zì xíng chē)
  • Culture — 文化 (Wén huà)

With the above in mind, the new brand offers consumers bicycles that are light, eco-friendly, stylish, and modern. They are available from September, and the Forever C website launches August 20th 2010. As part of this announcement Forever C has already released some seriously cool print ads (below):

Forever C - Print Ad 1

Forever C - Print Ad 2

Forever C - Print Ad 3

Forever C - Print Ad 4

Forever C - Print Ad 5

Forever C - Print Ads 6

Forever C - Print Ad 7

I don’t know about you but I’d love to get my hands on one…

Forever C - Bicycle

Air China Logo

Air China or as the Chinese say ‘中国 国际 航空 公司‘ (Zhōngguó guójì hángkōng gōngsī) literally translating to ‘China International Airlines Company‘ is the country’s second largest airline.

The state run organisation has just launched a new TV ad campaign to promote the message ‘无论你是谁,来者都是客‘ (Wúlùn nǐ shì shuí, lái zhě dōu shì kè) which in English roughly means ‘All customers are distinguished guests, no matter who you are‘.

The ad itself is actually quite amusing, it uses the journey of a teddy bear to demonstrate the wonderful service customers receive throughout their whole experience with the airline. The ad is also designed to demonstrate that Air China is a modern and international brand:

The new commercial will broadcast on International flights on-board televisions, airport check-ins, Air China ticket sale offices, and Phoenix Satellite TV in Europe and the USA.

Chinese netizen reactions from Youku (aka China’s answer to YouTube) show much appreciation for the ad’s cuteness but also the background music — I am sorry to say that I am not a fan of the latter.

Credit to: Ogilvy & Mather (Beijing Branch)

Sprite - Cool for Summer

Recent blogposts have been relatively lengthy of late. So here’s a quick post for you.

The advertisement below is one of three created for Sprite’s 透心凉一夏 (Tòu xīn liáng yī xià) or in English ‘Cool for Summer‘ campaign:

Sprite has created a branded site on is essentially China’s answer to Facebook known in English as ‘The Everyone Network). As part of the Cool for Summer promotion tickets to see popstar JJ Lin in concert are up for grabs, and in order to enter the contest Sprite drinkers must participate in various activities on the renren site such as video sharing.

It’s another great example of big brands trying to create online communities in the Chinese market.

Here is the recent TV ad promoting the new BMW X1 which launched in China last month:

The advertisement features the song ‘Lucky’ by Jason Mraz and is part of the 宝马之悦(Bǎomǎ zhī yuè) or in English the ‘Joy of BMW‘ campaign, which launched in April 2010 with these print ads:

Joy of BMW (China) - Poster 1

Joy of BMW (China) - Poster 2

The BMW X1 itself is actually rather special, as it is manufactured in China at BMW’s Shenyang Plant which produces vehicles solely for the Chinese market. The price of the car ranges from 358,000 RMB  to 522,500 RMB (£33,000 – £48,500) so certainly not cheap. What is more BMW are hoping to target the young so I would expect to see a few of these cruising around Shanghai’s city centre very soon.

Before I finish I’d like to mention that when the X1 launched at the 2010 Beijing Motorshow, BMW released new print ads (shown below) that pulled together themes of the car, man, heaven and nature. Quite beautiful wouldn’t you say?

Joy of BMW - Beijing Motorshow (Poster 1)

Joy of BMW - Beijing Motorshow (Poster 2)

Joy of BMW - Beijing Motorshow (Poster 3)

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